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Open Applications 

Joining the Kian Soon Family

We are a passionate, hard working and humble community of individuals. At Kian Soon, we cater to both your expertise and interest and shall work with you to build a path for a future you would want to achieve.

Job Admin Assistant

Roles & Responsibilities:

  1. This position is responsible for coordinating general warehouse operations and activities especially job order processes involving internal and external vendors, conducting stock checks, documenting warehouse transactions and records, and storing inventory.

  2. The position is also responsible for upholding quality standards, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of material-handling equipment, and may also be required to support general warehouse operations. He/she is expected to work with internal and external stakeholders to accomplish his work.

Why join us?

We have always viewed our staff as important partners.  We provide in-house and external training to upgrade the skillsets of our staff.  Becoming part of the Kian Soon Family brings along many exciting career enhancement possibilities. One such perk is access to the Bufab Academy and Bufab Best Practices.

Bufab Academy has been established to support the Bufab Strategy and is our own training and development centre. The Academy comprises Management, Sales, Sourcing & Supply Chain targeting Bufab employees while Technology also targets customers.

The complexity of the business world is continuously increasing, and we need to have the right skills to manoeuvre our business towards our goals. The Academy trainings are tailor made to fit Bufab and Kian Soon. As an extra benefit the training sessions create new possibilities to get to know colleagues from all over the world, to share ideas and experiences, to create new networks.


Expected Outcomes

  1. Perform stock control and housekeeping operations of warehouse cargo and items.

  2. Execute operations according to different warehousing situations and contingencies.

  3. Arrange for job order processing by internal and external vendors according to Job Order lists.

  4. Monitor timely delivery and collection deadlines of Job Order items.

  5. Ensure relevant information label is prepared and pasted on the packed goods’ packaging (cartons or bags).

  6. Arrange the finished goods into the respective bins and shelves for drivers.

  7. Perform warehouse operations in accordance with 5S (sort, set, shine, standardise, sustain) techniques.

  8. Facilitate compliance of height, weight and special handling requirements in stacking, moving and arranging of items on pallets according to storage plan.

  9. Report any shortfall, maintenance issues immediately.

  10. Maintain safety, health and operational quality standards.

  11. Maintenance of relevant quality records.

  12. To perform other tasks as may be assigned by the Store Supervisor/Store Manager.

Required Qualifications

  1. Minimum: O Level

  2. Fresh graduates are also welcome.

  3. Teamwork.

  4. Basic computer skills

  5. Basic command of Mandarin and English in both writing and oral (because of Mandarin speaking suppliers)

  6. Forklift licence (could be sent for certification training)


To apply, please send your updated resume directly to 

Please state "Application for Kian Soon Job Admin Assistant" in the Email Header.

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