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Open Applications 

Joining the Kian Soon Family

We are a passionate, hard working and humble community of individuals. At Kian Soon, we cater to both your expertise and interest and shall work with you to build a path for a future you would want to achieve.

Quality Engineer

Roles & Responsibilities


This candidate will be responsible for the development, implementation, maintenance, and improvement of quality assurance processes. Throughout the implementation and maintenance process, this candidate should use data analysis to better understand quality reporting measures and improve processes. 


We have an immediate vacancy for Quality Engineer.



  • Perform problem identification, resolution, loss reporting and continuous improvement

  • Design and implement methods for process control, process improvement, testing and inspection

  • Develop, execute, and analyze quality reporting measures

  • Participate in internal and external quality audits

  • Other than basic inspection, the candidate should be preparing documentations for First Article approvals, technical drawings, Certificates of Compliance, RoHS etc.

  • Assist Quality Manager



  • 4+ years' of industry experience

  • Min Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

  • Bilingual in English and Mandarin

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, Powerpoint

  • Strong knowledge of quality tools used in the industry

  • An analytical and quantitative approach to problem-solving


Why join us?



We have always viewed our staff as important partners.  We provide in-house and external training to upgrade the skillsets of our staff.  Becoming part of the Kian Soon Family brings along many exciting career enhancement possibilities. One such perk is access to the Bufab Academy and Bufab Best Practices.


Bufab Academy has been established to support the Bufab Strategy and is our own training and development center. The Academy comprises Management, Sales, Sourcing & Supply Chain targeting Bufab employees while Technology also targets customers.



The complexity of the business world is continuously increasing, and we need to have the right skills to maneuver our business towards our goals. The Academy training is tailor-made to fit Bufab and Kian Soon. As an extra benefit, the training sessions create new possibilities to get to know colleagues from all over the world, to share ideas and experiences, to create new networks.




To apply, please send your updated resume directly to 

Please state "Application for Kian Soon Quality Engineer" in the Email Header.

Only Singapore /Singapore PR need to apply.

*Note, will have to liaise with Chinese speaking team.

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