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What are C-parts, why are they such a Hassle, and how to Solve it

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

C-parts are generally components of secondary importance to an industrial system or machine. Examples like screws, nuts, bolts, and washers, in terms of procurement costs, the totality would typically only take up 5-8% of your full production expenditure. Then why is it that these small parts are always the most troublesome to handle?

The trouble is not chalked up in the direct product costs, but instead, from the indirect costs that are tagged to bringing these components in. The coordination of these items, handling repeat orders, material flows, quality assurance and communication with different suppliers will usually be the reason for production delays and line-down situations.

From a simple survey conducted with a few manufacturing plants, here are some of the most common issues faced when dealing with C-parts: - Out of Stock - No Real-Time Data - Same item, different price/description - Excessive RFQs and approvals - Tracking indirect material - High Inventory Carrying Cost - Inefficient Regulation of Staffs - Tools missing/hoarding - Unplanned Maintenance

Now, what If we have a single partner overtake all these responsibilities for you? That would effectively streamline and simplify your purchasing, procurement, materials management, warehousing, maintenance, and production processes in one swoop.

This is where Kian Soon steps in with our expertise and global sourcing to curate specially tailoring and stock planning for your manufacturing processes. With one speaking partner, we effectively cut your indirect costs by a multiple of your current supplier count. Here is a breakdown of our C-parts Consolidation solution:

Kian Soon offers a comprehensive, integrated, and tailored supply chain that encompasses your full annual production, special components, and MRO. Whether your operation is local, regional, or worldwide, we will be able to support you as part of Bufab, a multinational group of companies with global influence. We have a wealth of experience in managing currency fluctuations, material, labor, and logistical complications. Kian Soon will take all these challenges and turn them into advantages.

The sheer variety of C-parts can be overwhelming in scope, and we hoped this article has been useful in navigating this landscape. Should you have any queries you might need help on, feel free to drop us an email at

Let us start to resolve your C-part hassles today!

For more information, publication, and marketing related queries, please contact: Kai Xuan, Marketing Manager for Kian Soon Mechanical Components

About Kian Soon Mechanical Components

Kian Soon Mechanical Components was founded in 1977 and is one of the leading distributors of C parts in South-East Asia. Aside from its head office in Singapore, the company also has subsidiaries in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. The company was acquired by Bufab in 2017.


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