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Bufab sourcing academy APAC

Bufab Academy is an initiative to strengthen the competence of staff within the BUFAB Group. The Academy will provide training in modules relevant to Bufab and provide an opportunity to form a common frame of reference for continued development on the topic at hand.

In November, Bufab Sourcing Academy APAC was conducted to help train employees to improve work with Category Management, Cost reductions, Profitable growth and Reduced Supply Chain risk. This regional initiative was also used as a platform for inter-region group development within the APAC team and Bufab’s new Ningbo Sourcing organization.

The training was conducted by Silf, our educational partner, and the same organisation that has conducted trainings for our affiliated companies in the European region. From all over APAC, Category Managers, Lead Buyers, Regional Leaders and our very own Supply Chain Manager, Andrew Soh, were present for the training.

“It was a pleasure to attend this training and I believe to be speaking for everyone on how we have expanded on both our knowledge on global sourcing tactics and relations within the APAC region.” commented Andrew, Kian Soon Mechanical Components Singapore.

Bufab invests in programme trainings to elevate the competence of our employees within their job scope. The sourcing programme featured in his article meets international requirements of IFPSM (International Federation of Supply Management), ELA. (European Association of Logistics) and equates to an EQF (European Qualifications Framework) of level 6.


Bufab AB (publ), is a trading company that offers its customers a full-service solution as Supply Chain Partner for sourcing, quality control and logistics for C-Parts. The company has operations in over 25 countries.

Kian Soon Mechanical Components

Kian Soon Mechanical Components was founded in 1977 and is one of the leading distributors of C parts in South-East Asia. Aside from their head office in Singapore, the company also has subsidiaries in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Kian soon was acquired by Bufab in 2017 and within a year of its joining, the company was awarded an accolade for hitting a record high in Sales Revenue.


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