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Welcoming our New Head of Sales and Business Development

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Kian Soon Mechanical Components welcomes Dysler Koh into the role of Head of Sales and Business Development for the Group. He is based in Singapore and will take lead in managing all the sales activities and growth strategies for our sales teams in the growing Southeast Asia region.

Dysler is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience, spread throughout an impressive tenure in Sales and Management. During his time at ZF Thailand, Dysler grew from an Area Sales Manager to a General Manager, before holding the Managing Director title for close to 5 years. Thereafter, he was appointed with a regional role, as Head of Sales at ZF Asia Pacific. His last appointment was at TVH Singapore (Industrial equipment & spare parts), where Dysler led the regional sales and marketing team in the ASEAN region.

Dysler Koh (Centre), addressing the Public in his previous post, as Managing Director at ZF Thailand, 2015

We managed to catch up with Dysler over a short online session to get to know him better. Here is a short snippet of what he has to share!

How do you feel about your new role here at Kian Soon?

“I am very excited to uptake this important role and challenge. Although Kian Soon’s line of business differs slightly from my prior experiences, they do intertwine well. I look forward to learning and share my knowledge with the teams and work together to successfully penetrate and grow our business in the emerging markets of Southeast Asia. “

What enticed you to join our Kian Soon Family?

“Through Kian Soon’s online presence, Bufab Annual Reports, and even during the actual interview process, I learned that the company is a strong global player in its field and has an ambitious growth strategy both globally and within Southeast Asia. The company’s emphasis on offering value-added solutions clearly differentiates itself in this highly competitive market. Having strong confidence in the success of the organization, it was an easy and obvious decision for me to join the company.”

What do you look forward to achieving in the near future and the long term?

“As of current, I am focusing on picking up all the necessary essential skills for this role at top speed, to better lead the team on our ambitious growth plan. In the long run, I would like to make good use of my managing experience and industry knowledge of Southeast Asia to contribute significantly towards the exponential growth of our regional subsidiaries.”

Dysler (Left) with Christopher Png (Right), Managing Director Kian Soon Mechanical Components SEA

As of 2021, Kian Soon has expanded to having regional offices and warehouses in Thailand, the Philippines, and Batam. Dysler is expected to lead efforts towards the growth and further expansion of our influence in Southeast Asia.

“Dysler is an extremely driven individual and an excellent addition to the team here at Kian Soon. We pride ourselves in forging close relations with all our clients and providing added value by really understanding how we can best serve them. Dysler is ideally suited to grow the business as he understands what we do and where we want to be.” comments Christopher Png, Managing Director Kian Soon Mechanical Components.

“His appointment comes at a time of significance for the company, as we continue to manage and overcome situations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, while still keeping our sights on ambitious growth goals in the next 5 years. With his wealth of experience in sales and management, I believe Dylser will bring insurmountable value and no doubt, prove a great asset to the Group.

Welcome to the family and we look forward to your many achievements ahead!”

Please join us in welcoming Dysler in his new role as Head of Sales and Business Development into the Kian Soon Family.

For more information, publication, and marketing related queries, please contact: Kai Xuan, Marketing Manager for Kian Soon Mechanical Components

Notice on Operations during the Pandemic (Covid-19)

As Essential Services, Kian Soon continues to serve our customers in a timely and orderly fashion, as we had, during the previous lockdown restrictions. The company’s key focus is and will always be on safety, for both our staff and our partners.

As such, with the exception of Logistics & QC, all other departments will function on a split team basis with staggered work hours and 2-3 working days on WFH arrangements weekly.

Our office facilities will retain the previous setups and restrictions as per our Phase 2 practices. View the guidelines and initiatives we took in Phase 2 here.


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