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Starting 2020 with a Direction

Happy New year!

As 2020 rolls in, everyone from the Kian Soon team would like to thank all our business partners and loyal customer base for allowing us to achieve as much as we have in 2019.

It has been an eventful year, one that sees the first year in office for current Managing Director, Mr Christopher Png, and our new Business Development Manager, Mr Kenneth Tan. (Read the official publication here)

Amongst the many milestones, we have also; solidified standings of our sister companies in both Thailand and Philippines, inaugurated and launched PureSys’ local ISO 7 Cleanroom, and hit yet another 'All-Time-High' in 2019 - a group award we also managed to achieve back in 2018. (Read the official publication here)

Kian Soon looks towards the New Year with the same goal - to provide our customers with high quality products, unparalleled service, and innovative logistic systems as your preferred solutionist. Alongside that, we are looking to execute new initiatives, within the company, in an effort to elevate our level of service and further diversify our providable(s).

We hope you enjoy the new "News Updates" and "Company Gallery" tabs, for which we will continue to update and share. Kian Soon has always been a family centric company and we wish to extend this affection to our business partners and customer base, for it is with your support, that we are able to shape our business.

Wishing one and all a Happy 2020 and prosperous year ahead.

For more information, publication and marketing related queries, please contact: Kai Xuan, Marketing Lead for Kian Soon Mechanical Components at

Kian Soon was founded in 1977 and is one of the leading distributors of C parts in South-East Asia. Aside from their head office in Singapore, the company also has subsidiaries in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand.

As of 2017, Kian soon joined the Bufab Group and in late 2019, launched a local ISO 7 Cleanroom under sister company PureSys.

Through PureSys, Bufab seeks to bring added value to current and future customers, starting from the life science, medical and pharmaceutical industries


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