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Product Guides

Unsure about a product? Kian Soon has a wealth of free resources for you to read up on to better understand the c-part that you are interested in. It is always advised to make an informed purchase so as to not get lost in the endless range within each part.

Product Range

We have a comprehensive range of standard mechanical components that are readily available from our inventory. Our standard parts are made to meet relevent international standards such as ISO, ANSI, DIN and JIS. They are also available  in a wide range of materials; from carbon steel, stainless steel, brass and plastic materials to exotic materials such as Monel, Inconel and Hastelloy.

Other than your standard C-parts and tubings, Kian Soon prides ourselves as a one stop provider for all your assembly requirements. As such, we provide extra services in terms of both customization and inventory management.

Customized fittings / assemblies

We are able to provide a full range of C-parts for the most basic to complex and advanced set ups, Kian Soon is able to customize fittings to your exact  specifications. We provide reliable workmanship and only use well known and trusted products in our assemblies.

Inventory Management

Trunk stock is a necessity among service, sales and repair professionals. On the other hand, keeping storage and maintaining inventory can be a very taxing and time consuming liability. Here at Kian Soon Mechanical Components, we have a whole warehouse of logistic professionals to help address your inventory needs.

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